A few months ago I found a great little idea to make coffee cozies.  I am not a coffee drinker myself but thought they were so cute I would have to make a few to sell at our GB fundraiser stall and to give away as gifts.

These are the first three I have made:

Cozy Lining

I have used felt and appliqued shapes onto them.  There is wool batting between the two layers of felt so that your hand as kept nice and cool while the coffee stays nice and warm.  These have only been used a couple of times though and the felt is starting to warp a bit.  My plan is to create a lining the full size of the cozy and to add another wool batting layer between the felt and the lining.  This will make the cozies more sturdy and the hands cooler while holding the cup!  I made another one for a friend as part of her wedding gift in this way and it worked well.

I don’t have a whole lot of fabric in my collection yet but I think I’ll use these ones in the photo next to the flat coffee cozies:

Coffee Cozies

I also have to fix up the elastic that wraps around the buttons to keep the cozy on the cup.  I had tied knots in the end and hand sewn each end down but they are coming off after only a couple of uses.  I have a new way to do it now though.  I tie the elastic in a circle and then machine sew it onto the felt, the circle stops the ends coming out from under the stitching.

I’ll post more pictures when I am done.