So, my weekend did turn out to be very busy but I did get 2 of the coffee cozies finished….will post pics once I take them.  No new ideas for any craft stuff yet, I am very much in GB planning mode and want to get all that thinking down onto paper before they all disappear!

I have now got all three finished.  Got the third done on Monday night but have had no time to download the photos until now!

Here are the completed Coffee Cozies:



I just sewed a layer of batting between the lining and felt front.  For on of the cozies I sewed around the edge as there was no decoration there but with hte other two that was a bit difficult.  One another I sewed down the middle but the third hasn’t been sewn down at all.  Shouldn’t be a problem though.

I’m going to be making more of these with my GB girls in a months time and will post their creations once the girls have made them.