I was on Facebook just now and saw some photos of someone’s baby shower.  My goodness the photos were good!  The lens or filter or whatever used made the photos have so much warmth and feeling, even ones where people are just chatting and kids just playing.  Right now I have photo envy.  I really want to be able to take photos with feeling like that!  Tim and I were talking about buying an SLR camera and bought some photography magazines while we were on our honeymoon so we could do some research but when we had some internet to check prices we found out our dream camera will have to remain a dream for a while longer yet.  Might have to find out how to use all the settings on my current camera well.

Here are a few of my better photos with our camera.  I am pretty proud of these but can imagine how much better they would be if I could play with lenses and filter.s  Unfortunately my computer that has Photoshop has given up so I can’t even touch them up a bit on there at the moment.


I also have a few really nice ones of the Blue Mountains taken on our honeymoon (Tim has some incredible photos of waterfalls!)  but unfortunately those are on my computer that isn’t working and so Tim is going to have to spend some time recovering the computer so we can get our honeymoon photos back!