My Grandparents are coming up to their 60th wedding anniversary (Congrats to them!) and the family is getting together to do a scrapbooked album.  Each of the kids in our part of the family are doing  a page about themselves (we’ll also have a few family pages too).  Scrapbooking really isn’t up my alley.  I have no interest in prettying up photos with paper and stickers and all sorts of things like that.  Photoshopping, yeah I like it, framing a print in a tizzied up frame, yep that’s good too but scrapbooking, what a waste of time!  So much work and you still only use a couple of photos!

Anyway, I do have to do my part.  I have cheated a bit and my base is digital, photos and computers work well for me!  I found a good image of a poloroid frame:

Poloroid FrameI am using it as the basis of my page.  I have chosen 8 important events in my life and arranged them around a recent photo of me (still to be taken).  I am going to get each poloroid frame printed onto photo paper and will cut them out and mount them using 3D tape onto my real page.  I think I need to brighten up the background but haven’t worked out what to do with that yet.  We are using metallic white paper for the backing so I am not sure how things like inks stick to it.

Here’s my design so far:

My Page