I am very lucky to live in a stunning country.  I am also lucky enough to have a job where I get to see some of our beautiful country.  That job sometimes wears me out so much I have no time for crafting and hence the photo blog updates!

Anyway few months ago I did a job where I got to travel from Melbourne to Warrnambool then across to Hamilton then up to Mildura and back to Melbourne via Bendigo.  I went through some amazing country.  Yesterday and today I worked down in Geelong, hence no time for crafting this week.  I worked down past Geelong earlier this year too and there are some stunning views.

Lookout towards the south west

View from a lookout just off Barrabool Road (on a VERY wet day!)

Barwon River

Barwon River at the Geoff Thom Bridge

Princes Highway West near Mount Moriac

View towards the ocean from Princes Highway West just near Mount Moriac

View on Cape Otway Road

View towards south east on Cape Otway Road

I have also had the opportunity to work down at Peninsula Link.  There is a beautiful little spot in Moorooduc which unfortunately will soon be covered by freeway.  At least there are still so many other beautiful areas.