So, I have had a busy 2 weeks.  Working 10 hour days down in Geelong really wears you out!  Over the weekend I finally had some time to relax which has helped me get back to normal again.  I didn’t spend my weekend being creative and getting those pin boards done but spent it with my husband who deserves some time with me after two weeks of cranky tiredness.

Our house doesn’t allow me to do anything crafty in the same room as Tim spends his time, not enough space, but I was still productive this weekend and have put together a little book of simple games for my Seniors at GB to play when we want to just take some time out and have some fun.  I also found my old sermon notebook and started writing out the outlines of sermons from 6 years ago that I had always been meaning to do (not mine, just ones I listened too).  It was a good time of learning and refreshing.  I am going to try to continue to add to this a lot as a lot of the outlines could provide good bases for devotions with my GB girls too!

Maybe this weekend I will get into some more crafting….I do have a skirt to make for my sister!