I haven’t been doing very much lately.  Well, I haven’t been doing anything other than work and GB which does use a lot of my time (my whole Friday night and Saturday last week was GB meetings, very enjoyable though!).  I have been so worn out after work each evening that I just fall asleep on the lounge chair before 9:00pm each night so I haven’t been making anything much, I haven’t even spent much time searching the net for useful ideas (I do have one thing to post later though!).  My sister Melanie’s birthday is on Monday and I still haven’t got to making her gift.  I know what I want to do but finding the time and energy is proving difficult, it will be done though!

I will be ramping up the work I am doing in the next few weeks as I intend to make almost all of the Christmas presents Tim and I give out this year.  Unfortunately that means that although I will be kept busy there will not be much posting on here as people will find out their presents before they get them on Christmas Day!  I have got all the presents sorted and most of the materials purchased so now I just need to find some weekends to do the work.  The next 2 weekends are super busy so there will not be a chance but once I’m into December I should be able to find some time 🙂

I will take photos of each items once I have made it so that come Boxing Day I can post all of the gifts I made!

I have decided to take part in my churches ladies “Forget-Me-Not” circle.  It means I now have a lady to shower with encouragement, prayer and gifts for the next 12 months and someone will hopefully do the same for me.  I was hoping I would get a lady who is not so internet savvy and will not be likely to ever read this and I was lucky enough to get such a person so you may in fact see some of the things I do for her throughout the year.

I’ll leave it at that for now.  Hopefully you will see some new creations soon!