It was my sister Melanie’s birthday yesterday.  Tim and I gave her a homemade pinboard.  I used up some leftover bright fabrics and made a pocket for it on the front.

Mlely's Pin Board

A few months ago I posted a pin board from on the Craft Apple Blog.  It was my inspiration but I didn’t have a whole lot of energy the day I made Melly’s board so I didn’t end up following those instructions at all.

I ended up sewing the pocket fabric to my main fabric and using heat and bond to stick the fabric to the board.  I then flipped it over and folded the edges back.  I tidied up the back by using heat and bond to stick a back panel onto the board.  That didn’t work as well as I had hoped but it is just the back.

I then pinned a ribbon around the edge allowing a little extra at the top so that Mel can hang it on the wall.  This looked all good until the next morning when I realised that when ironing the fabric onto the cork the cork swells due to the steam.  Overnight the board had shrunk and the ribbon became too loose.  So, using pliers I pulled all the pins out and did it again!

Well, the board looks quite nice and I hope Melly likes it!