Last night Tim and I had a Christmas party at our place.  We didn’t have many decorations, well basically a tree was all that was inside but outside I had made a whole heap of tin can lanterns to make the place look pretty.  Originally my idea was to have a line of tables down our driveway for people to sit at while they ate (and the lanterns on the tables) but Tim wanted super formal eat off your lap so my lanterns were relegated to the front steps.  They did look very pretty though. I did forget to take a photo after it got dark and before they went out though so all you’ve got to see are these photos I took two nights ago inside.

Tin Can Lanterns

I have been wanting to make these since I made some at a school holiday program I went to when I was about 11 years old.  It’s been a long time waiting but now I have a house to make pretty when we have guests over.  Last night I also mixed in a few jars with candles in them too and the whole place was lit up nicely….sorry about no photos of the actual event.  I’ll have to remember to take more photos!