I have spent a lot of time lately looking on lots of blogs and have found so many things I can’t wait to do next Christmas!  Definitely holding another Christmas Party next year so that I can decorate the house lots.

All these Christmas decoration ideas have also inspired me to do some decorating in our house for the whole year round.  The place we live in isn’t the prettiest and is really all an icky cream colour.  I wish is was white rather than cream – so much easier for me to think of decorating ideas!

Anyway, last week we needed our ladder that supported one of the aquariums we had so the aquarium had to go.  I used this opportunity to do a little bit of decorating and re-arranging.

I moved the shoe racks out of the front entrance area and instead set up a vintage suitcase for all our keys and bits and pieces.  I would like to be able to buy a real piece of furniture for the case to sit on but for now a camp chair from the garage will suffice. (Note the cricket bat, there as a hint for Tim to take me out to play at the cricket nets at the school down the road seeing as the weather is now nice!)



(This photo doesn’t make it look too pretty, it is better than that in real life and a HUGE improvement on the shoe rack taking up space!)

I also placed a large vase in the entrance.  I also removed the curtain from the window beside the door, it was terribly dirty!  It will need to be put back up when we move out but the room is so much lighter now so for now it is staying down (and we won’t be moving for a couple of years anyway!).  I’ve also put up a cute little calendar ready for 2011 so that Tim can keep up to date with what is happening!  We had a calendar in 2010 but seeing as it was near the back door we never used it.  Hopefully this one will be used.  Also already got our first invitation for 2011 on the wall there too, an engagement part invite for some good friends, Yay!

New Vase

I am now considering placing some bird garlands down the window to give a little privacy from our neighbours without removing the light that comes in.  Maybe something like these from Kiddly and Brinylon Design.

Bird Garlands

I also think it is time to make some nice matching coordinated cushions.  I have a haphazard collection of cushions made throughout high school and I think it is time to retire some of them.  And, while I am at it I think I should make a matching curtain to separate the lounge from the kitchen area, mainly for winter so that the cold air doesn’t get in so easily.

So, I have a lot of ideas, finally.  I have been so sick of this place, so hot in Summer, so cold in Winter and not in the greatest condition but in the past couple of months I have warmed up to it and am really enjoying putting my mark on it, hard to do in a rental but I am trying to make it nice!