Here are the photos of the gifts we made for our families for Christmas (except for the pot Tim and I decorated for Dad.  I forgot to take a photo of that!)

An Eye Spy Pillow for Sarah, to distract her from her studying!

Eye Spy Pillow

Lunch Bags for the two Mum’s.  For my Mum’s one I bought fabric to go in an ink jet printer and printed the fabric with photos.  For both of them I covered the fabric with Heat n Bond vinyl so that it is water proof.

Lunch Bags

A camera case for the camera Jen was also being given this Christmas.  This too is printed and vinyled fabric.  I used this pattern from Sew Mad for the case.

Camera Case

I also made a laptop pocket for Jen.  But, seeing as it is travel fabric she could use it for bits and pieces when she goes to Malaysia in March.  The laptop pocket was this one from Skip To My Lou.

Laptop Pocket

In matching more masculine fabric I made Jen’s boyfriend Frank a toiletry bag for him to take to Malaysia.  It too is covered in vinyl to make it more waterproof. (I can’t remember where the patter for that one came from, it was the first gift I made)

Toiletry Bag

I made calendars for Tim’s family.  I tried to personalise them with their interests. e.g. His Pa got a golfing calendar with important golf comps and Justin got a Collingwood calendar with all their game days labelled.  All the families birthdays were listed as important events on the appropriate month.  I also made year to a page calendars for Melanie and Sarah’s boyfriends and Tim’s Mum.  Joel and John’s calendars were personalised with photos of planes for Joel (who is studying aeronautical engineering) and robots for John (who is studying robotics and mechatronics).


And last of all, my favourite gift.  The lamp we made for Melly.  It took a VERY long time to make but I am soooo happy with it (sorry to the rest if the family but this is so cool!).  The idea is stolen from a tutorial on

Cocktail Umbrella Lamp

And, well they are the gifts of 2010.  We plan to make all our gifts again in 2011 but Tim thinks we should start earlier so we can put more time and effort into them and not have to rush at the end.   I am already collecting ideas.