So, I’m already planning GB for 2011.  Going to have lots of new girls in my age group (year 7 and 8).  Several completely new to GB too!  I am so excited!

Each week my year 7 and 8’s write out prayer requests for themselves, friends and families and they also give Bible verses written on cute little tags to each other.  I’ve already cut up some little taggies for next year and I even found bright pink business card holders for the girls to keep their taggies in!

Now I am onto the prayer books.  Last year we made them on our first night out of recycled paper and the girls loved keeping track of the things they were praying for.  This year I am going to get covers printed at officeworks then either staple them together or sew them together (see this from Jen and Jake)….we’ll see how much time I have….I want the books to be gifts to my girls this year.

Here’s my design for the front covers, I started with one idea but the finished product is very different.  Hope the books will continue their enthusiasm for praying for each other!

Prayer Book CoverNot sure if you can read the verse at the bottom it is The Message version of Psalm 145:18; God is there, listening for all who pray, for all who pray and mean it.

Now what else can I do for the girls……