Today is our First Wedding Anniversary.  Tim spent all last night putting together my present, when I got up this morning her still wasn’t finished but I didn’t mind. It was nice sitting with him while he worked, however, not long after I got up he was all ready to test it and as he plugged it in there was a huge BANG! and part of it broke.  Luckily not anything too expensive or hard to find so after church he bought a new part and now the present is finished.  Here it is:

My Anniversary Present

I love it!  You might remember that a few months ago I posted about lamps in books just like this that someone was selling on Etsy. Well, my clever husband thought he would give it a go. It looks so good (even amongst all the mess of cut out pages and drill dust!).  He even went that bit further and put an ink well and quills in it! Not that I have a desk or a side table or anything to put it on 😦  It really does deserve pride of place somewhere so I am going to have to find a nice spot for it to live in. Such a nice surprise. I love this present!

Tim actually spent quite a long time finding the parts to make it. He said at one stage that parts were coming from almost every continent, things from South Africa (my guess is the feathers), China (the electrical parts I think) and England (the Eddison bulb I guess). I can’t ask because he has now crashed and is fast asleep! Can’t blame him, his sleeping has been terrible lately and the whole night of hard work would have also taken it’s toll!

Here’s a shot of it when the light is off:

Light Off