Ok, I haven’t posted for a whole two weeks. I really haven’t found a whole lot to post about….too busy planning GB stuff for the year!

One thing I have been working on from time to time is a quilt I started quite a few years ago.  I bought some fat quarters from the Stitches Craft Show and started putting the pieces together at the time but never sewed all the small squares together.  That is what I have been doing lately when I have a few minutes to waste AND feel like sewing….it obviously doesn’t happen often as it is taking longer than I thought to get all the squares together!  Here is a photo, the only photo I took before the camera battery died…..


It is only a small quilt. It will be 10×15 of the small squares.  Each square is about 10x10cm.

One thing that kept me occupied yesterday was dress patterns. I would really like to make a dress but in order to make a dress I will need a reason to wear one as we can’t spare the money at the moment! A friend is getting married soon so I am hoping that will give me an excuse to make a dress!  This is the patterns that have caught my eye the most:

Vogue Easy Options (V8020)
Vogue Easy Options (V8020)

I think high necked dresses really suit me, not too sure about the dropped waist but with a thin belt like in the photo it should look good.  Now I have to work out how much it would all cost……