Well we’re going to be here for at least another year. I’m enjoying the place at the moment. It is quite homely and I am getting on top of keeping it clean….well the parts we use are reasonably clean, you don’t want to go into the spare rooms though!

I have been getting photos developed slowly over time and this week I got two more frames filled. One is a 28 panel frame that is now proudly hanging on our wall. Take a look at the few little home making objects we have in our lounge room.


And here is our side table, which is getting pretty full so we’ll need another soon! It is where my anniversary present takes pride of place. I am making it a habit to sit by it early each morning while it is still dark to do my Bible reading.

Side Table

The huge vase was a wedding present. The couple who gave it to us couldn’t be at our wedding so we got it a few weeks later. We opened it one day at Tim’s Mum’s place and she thought the couple were very brave giving such a bold vase to a couple they don’t know too well (I had met them once briefly!) but I really like it so it was a good choice!