I like books. There are so many really cute little notebooks and journals you can buy now but I never seem to use any I buy so it doesn’t work out too well. They are also quite expensive sometimes. So, I have decided to start making my own. If people buy notebooks for up to $10 for a set of 5 A6 ones then I should make some cute ones and give them as gifts! And that is what I am starting to do. I would love to do a bookbinding course but for now my imagination and the internet will have to provide me with binding techniques.

I made the prayer books for the Seniors and Pioneers at Girls’ Brigade this year….26 of them so far and more still needed for the Seniors! They are so simple, just a few sheets of paper stacked on each other and some simple stitching down the spine.

Prayer Books

This last week I also made a few more.


Tim’s birthday is today and although he doesn’t want a present I still got him one….well made him one! He is always writing things down, doing sums to work out what we should do and when. He is such a planner. So I want him to have a little book to keep his notes. He is also terrible at remembering what he has to do each day so the other book is where I can leave him little notes of what he should do that day.

Tim's books

I also made some books for my Forget-Me-Not at church. Luckily I got a lady who is not on Facebook and is not much of an internet person so there is not much chance of her seeing this! Other church people reading this, don’t spoil it 🙂

This is a little set of two books with an Edwardian Postcard printed on the cover of each. I have made a little case for them to live in so they are kept together and handy in a handbag.

Forget-Me-Not's Books

Now that I have the hang of these books I think I might try something a little more challenging like Coptic Binding and I would love to be able to make books with letterpress detailing on the covers but for now I will live with colour printing. A letterpress is many many years away!