Wow, a third post in 2 days. Must be a creative weekend! With house cleaning, gardening, husband time, exercising, church and Girls’ Brigade there isn’t a whole lot of time for crafty stuff. This weekend has been an exception.

Last night I spent my evening finally sewing the final rows of a quilt I began close to 4 years ago. I bought some fat quarters at the Stitches show several years ago, I think it was in my second year of uni….I began the quilt then, got all the squares sewn but never got them into rows. A few months ago I sewed the squares into rows and last night I sewed the rows into a quilt.

Now I hope to hand it over to mum to do the quilting for me….then she’ll probably give it back for me to bind….

Here’s my quilt:


I am quite happy with my fabric choice of several years ago. Who knew that I would be choosing fabrics that would be more in fashion now than when I chose them!

The quilt is certainly not huge. Kind of annoying sized, not really big enough to keep you warm, it’s less than 1m wide. It is the perfect baby size but there aren’t going to have any of them around here for a very long time!

Here’s one last shot of the whole quilt (sorry about the blurriness, isn’t it annoying when you take photos and they look fine on the camera but when you download them they aren’t right and it is after you have packed everything away!)

Quilt 2