I have been using a little clutch bag for all the possessions I usually carry with me but since it is summer I thought it time for a nice summer bag. Yes, I know it is almost the end of summer now but I am hoping our summer weather is just late this year so that I have lots of chances to use it!

Here is my creation:




The bags is made from one fat quarter and so is not very big. It is has plenty of space for the essentials (phone, wallet, notebook, pen and keys) and there is still plenty of space for all those coins, receipts, earrings and other things that seem to end up in my hand bags!

I did not line the bag, just ironed on some fusible interfacing the strengthen the front and back. The sides weren’t lines so that the bag collapses a bit when not full. I sewed a button on each side to pinch together the bag so that it doesn’t fall open all the time (I’m not sure how long they will stay on as they make the opening quite small…..)

Anyway, didn’t take too long to sew and I would have got it finished last weekend had I not run out of white thread!