So, for a while now I have been trying to think of something I can make at home to sell online. Seeing as Tim is studying rather than working full time things get a bit tight which means no money for hobbies. My idea, turn my hobbies into a little earner. That is the plan whether it eventuates will be something else…..

I have had so much trouble trying to think of one thing I would be happy to make evening by evening, weekend upon weekend. I think I now have it. I like books, I like book binding, I like printing, I like stitching and how can I combine it all?

Printing and stitching designs onto card to turn into the covers of handmade notebooks. I will be able to do whatever type of crafting I want to do at the time and create unique little notebooks.

How will I do it? Well, I will need a press to print lino, wood blocks and hopefully one day to do some letter press (It will also come in handy if I turn my attention more complex bookbinding too). Since letterpress kind of died out a few decades ago and is now very much in vogue there is no way I can buy my own. I want to be able to do multiple types of things and sized things with my press anyway and so I will try to build my own (or rather, have my husband build one for me while I watch on!)

Here are two designs I am looking at. Tim personally prefers the second one which is from Wood Block Art and is the way he envisaged a press when I told him my idea. We’ll look into both and work out which will be most suited.

1. Tabletop Letter Press featured on Ready Made


2. Bottle Jack Press from Wood Block Art