My Anniversary Present!

Today is our First Wedding Anniversary.  Tim spent all last night putting together my present, when I got up this morning her still wasn’t finished but I didn’t mind. It was nice sitting with him while he worked, however, not long after I got up he was all ready to test it and as he plugged it in there was a huge BANG! and part of it broke.  Luckily not anything too expensive or hard to find so after church he bought a new part and now the present is finished.  Here it is:

My Anniversary Present

I love it!  You might remember that a few months ago I posted about lamps in books just like this that someone was selling on Etsy. Well, my clever husband thought he would give it a go. It looks so good (even amongst all the mess of cut out pages and drill dust!).  He even went that bit further and put an ink well and quills in it! Not that I have a desk or a side table or anything to put it on 😦  It really does deserve pride of place somewhere so I am going to have to find a nice spot for it to live in. Such a nice surprise. I love this present!

Tim actually spent quite a long time finding the parts to make it. He said at one stage that parts were coming from almost every continent, things from South Africa (my guess is the feathers), China (the electrical parts I think) and England (the Eddison bulb I guess). I can’t ask because he has now crashed and is fast asleep! Can’t blame him, his sleeping has been terrible lately and the whole night of hard work would have also taken it’s toll!

Here’s a shot of it when the light is off:

Light Off


Jen’s Birthday Present – Calendar

This year for Jen’s Birthday Tim and I gave her a calendar.  I got 2 calendar panels from Spoonflower when they had a 50% off sale for fat quarters. Tim built a frame for it and we nailed the fabric to the frame and strung a wire across the back so she can hang it on the wall.



We still have our other one to finish off….should get onto that seeing as we’re almost a 12th of the way through the year!  Next time they have a huge sale I think I will get a couple of pieces of fabric to frame as decoration to hang in our bedroom……

What’s Been Happening?

Ok, I haven’t posted for a whole two weeks. I really haven’t found a whole lot to post about….too busy planning GB stuff for the year!

One thing I have been working on from time to time is a quilt I started quite a few years ago.  I bought some fat quarters from the Stitches Craft Show and started putting the pieces together at the time but never sewed all the small squares together.  That is what I have been doing lately when I have a few minutes to waste AND feel like sewing….it obviously doesn’t happen often as it is taking longer than I thought to get all the squares together!  Here is a photo, the only photo I took before the camera battery died…..


It is only a small quilt. It will be 10×15 of the small squares.  Each square is about 10x10cm.

One thing that kept me occupied yesterday was dress patterns. I would really like to make a dress but in order to make a dress I will need a reason to wear one as we can’t spare the money at the moment! A friend is getting married soon so I am hoping that will give me an excuse to make a dress!  This is the patterns that have caught my eye the most:

Vogue Easy Options (V8020)
Vogue Easy Options (V8020)

I think high necked dresses really suit me, not too sure about the dropped waist but with a thin belt like in the photo it should look good.  Now I have to work out how much it would all cost……

Alphabet Photography

I just found this cool website that allows you to put together your own alphabet photography words.


They have 1000’s of photos so once they randomly create the name you can change the letters until it looks just right.  What a cool idea.  I just wish frames and mat board didn’t cost so much. I am definitely going to save up to get one of these done!


GB on my Mind….I can’t help it

So, I’m already planning GB for 2011.  Going to have lots of new girls in my age group (year 7 and 8).  Several completely new to GB too!  I am so excited!

Each week my year 7 and 8’s write out prayer requests for themselves, friends and families and they also give Bible verses written on cute little tags to each other.  I’ve already cut up some little taggies for next year and I even found bright pink business card holders for the girls to keep their taggies in!

Now I am onto the prayer books.  Last year we made them on our first night out of recycled paper and the girls loved keeping track of the things they were praying for.  This year I am going to get covers printed at officeworks then either staple them together or sew them together (see this from Jen and Jake)….we’ll see how much time I have….I want the books to be gifts to my girls this year.

Here’s my design for the front covers, I started with one idea but the finished product is very different.  Hope the books will continue their enthusiasm for praying for each other!

Prayer Book CoverNot sure if you can read the verse at the bottom it is The Message version of Psalm 145:18; God is there, listening for all who pray, for all who pray and mean it.

Now what else can I do for the girls……

The Christmas Gifts I Made

Here are the photos of the gifts we made for our families for Christmas (except for the pot Tim and I decorated for Dad.  I forgot to take a photo of that!)

An Eye Spy Pillow for Sarah, to distract her from her studying!

Eye Spy Pillow

Lunch Bags for the two Mum’s.  For my Mum’s one I bought fabric to go in an ink jet printer and printed the fabric with photos.  For both of them I covered the fabric with Heat n Bond vinyl so that it is water proof.

Lunch Bags

A camera case for the camera Jen was also being given this Christmas.  This too is printed and vinyled fabric.  I used this pattern from Sew Mad for the case.

Camera Case

I also made a laptop pocket for Jen.  But, seeing as it is travel fabric she could use it for bits and pieces when she goes to Malaysia in March.  The laptop pocket was this one from Skip To My Lou.

Laptop Pocket

In matching more masculine fabric I made Jen’s boyfriend Frank a toiletry bag for him to take to Malaysia.  It too is covered in vinyl to make it more waterproof. (I can’t remember where the patter for that one came from, it was the first gift I made)

Toiletry Bag

I made calendars for Tim’s family.  I tried to personalise them with their interests. e.g. His Pa got a golfing calendar with important golf comps and Justin got a Collingwood calendar with all their game days labelled.  All the families birthdays were listed as important events on the appropriate month.  I also made year to a page calendars for Melanie and Sarah’s boyfriends and Tim’s Mum.  Joel and John’s calendars were personalised with photos of planes for Joel (who is studying aeronautical engineering) and robots for John (who is studying robotics and mechatronics).


And last of all, my favourite gift.  The lamp we made for Melly.  It took a VERY long time to make but I am soooo happy with it (sorry to the rest if the family but this is so cool!).  The idea is stolen from a tutorial on

Cocktail Umbrella Lamp

And, well they are the gifts of 2010.  We plan to make all our gifts again in 2011 but Tim thinks we should start earlier so we can put more time and effort into them and not have to rush at the end.   I am already collecting ideas.

I Think I’ll Make an Apron

I want to make an apron.  I have never been an apron wearer but they look so pretty.  I do now have a husband who makes a real mess in our kitchen sometimes and so an apron can come in handy, especially when taking over the washing up half way through his work!

I just found this one on the Spotlight website and quite like it:

Frilly Apron

However, I could go all out and do something like loverdoversclothing:

Retro Apron

Anyway, don’t expect me to get one made straight away.  With no money to spend on sewing items at the moment it may be a while before I can get some fabric let along some time and energy…..I’ll certainly let you know when I do make one!